New Personal Access Code (PAC) Changes

Effective August 6th, The Police Credit Union has implemented new security featutres to your Personal Access Code(PAC) to add even greater security to your account. This will better protect you against phishing scams and online fraud.
When changing your PAC, or creating a new one, we recommend using the tips below for creating a strong PAC:

A strong PAC helps protect against someone guessing your PAC and gaining access to your Online Bank account. Avoid using names, dates or numbers tied to your identity (such as birthday, family name, pets). Use a PAC that differs from your email, and social media accounts, and do not disclose your PAC to anyone else.

Your password must include at least:

8 - 12 characters long
one upper case letter
one lower case letter
one number
one special character (example &*^%!$#@!)

This only effects online banking and the mobile app not your debit card pin.

For further information call 1-800-561-2557 and speak to a Call Centre Representative.