New Logo and Website Coming Soon!!!

A Fresh New Look

Coming this fall we will be updating our logo, launching a brand-new website and mobile app. The new website will provide a new modern look to modernize and improve your banking experience!

You will notice several exciting changes coming in the next few months:

Our Logo- The first will be our new logo with new branding colours. 

Our New Website - The new website will be vastly different from what you are usually accustomed to. It will be more visually dynamic and easy to navigate. We are building it better for you.

Our Mobile App - We will also be launching a newly updated app.  It will still function as the app you have presently on your mobile device today, but with a different look.  More instructions will be given on this closer to launch.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled...

Updates for this thrilling new transition will be posted on this website with updates sent by email. So, keep an eye out as more information comes out over the coming weeks.

We are excited for our new site launch and we cannot wait for you to enjoy the experience this fall!