Toronto Police Payroll Changes

Toronto Police Payroll Changes - Frequently asked questions

Background information:

For decades, The Police Credit Union(TPCU)has provided a unique benefit to members who are employed by the Toronto Police Service(TPS) and have their full payroll deposited to their TPCU accounts. Bi-weekly payroll deposits were made on Sundays two days prior to the rest of TPS employees who banked at other financial institutions and received their payroll deposits on Tuesdays.

The early deposit arrangement meant TPCU members received their pay in advance of the Credit Union receiving the payroll monies from TPS. In essence, the Credit Union has been covering the cost of this payroll advance.

  •  Why is this change occurring?
a)  As part of the TPS modernization efforts, the Transforming Corporate Support project team has been working to implement a number of optimizations to Human Resources Management System. Phase 2 of the project includes changes to modernize, automate, and standardize the Service’s payroll processes, including the introduction of self-service for direct deposit information to be announced by TPS at a later date.

b) The Police Credit Union’s current mechanism for payroll deposit is using older outdated technology that will no longer be supported beginning Jan 1st, 2018. In its place, we will be moving to standardized Automated Funds Transfer system to streamline and preserve the integrity of the direct deposit processes.


  • Why is the TPCU making this change?

The Police Credit Union is unable to upgrade its current payroll file process. With available electronic funds transfer system already in place, it is more economical and practical to adopt the newer technology.


  • When will this change come into effect?

The change will occur for payday effective Tuesday, November 28th, 2017.


  • What does this mean for my payroll deposit?

This means, TPS members of The Police Credit Union who currently have their pay deposited into their accounts on Sundays will now have their pay deposited on Tuesdays.


  • I prefer to receive my pay on Sundays, is there anything that can be done?

We will not be able to deviate from these new payroll cycles. The current payroll system will not be supported by the existing technology used by The Police Credit Union, and will not be in line with TPS changes to payroll.

  • Do I need to provide any deposit information such as my account number and transit number to TPS?

The transition to standardized payroll processing will be seamless for affected members—The Police Credit Union will transfer all the required direct deposit information directly to the Toronto Police Service.


  • My account may not operate as normal (may go into overdraft) during this change, are there any safeguards in place to help with this transition?

Most members operate with overdraft protection on their chequing accounts, this safeguard should provide adequate protection. If you have any concerns regarding your personal situation, please contact your Financial Services Officer, or the Call Centre for assistance.


  • How will this impact my loan or mortgage payments?

All loan and mortgage payments will transition to the new pay date cycle, once deposits are made to your account loan and mortgage payments will be generated by our data system. Payment due dates will be amended by TPCU staff to reflect the changes. This will be seamless for members.


  • How does this impact any Credit Union auto transfers?

All auto transfers will transition to the new pay date cycle, once deposits are made to your account auto transfers will be generated by our data system. This will be seamless for members.


  • Some of my pay is transferred to another Financial Institution (FI), how will this impact those transfers?

If you have a transfer established at another FI, you will be responsible to review the transfer date and modify to the new payroll cycle to ensure your account is not overdrawn.


  • I regularly pay my bills after my payroll deposits; how will this be impacted?

You will need to review bill payment dates and modify to the new payroll cycle to ensure your account is not overdrawn and your bill payments are made on time.


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