Board of Directors Elections

Board of Directors Elections

In 2020, two (2) positions are to be filled on the Board of Directors. The two (2) positions will be for a three (3) year term.

When voting you will be asked to select only two (2) candidates.

Candidates information area listed in alpha order by surname. Click on each one individually to review their statement.

Leslie Baylis Expand/Collapse

I am offering you my candidacy as a director for the board of directors of the TPCU.

I am a constable with the Halton Regional Police with twenty four years of service. I have nine years of experience serving on the Board of Directors of the Halton Regional Police Association, which included two years as board chair and two years as board treasurer.

I offer the TPCU and our membership my educational and business experience which includes university level accounting, management, and marketing courses, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Police Studies.  My military and sporting experiences have prepared me to work in a team environment, and my success working on the Halton Association board has borne that out.

I believe in the mission of the TPCU and I have supported the TPCU as member of the HRPA. Under my directorship, our police association joined the TPCU, and we were later able to help the TPCU open a branch in Burlington.

 As a front line constable, I am keenly aware of the need to develop a positive and healthy policing culture, and organizations like the TPCU contribute greatly to that feeling of solidarity and family. I encourage my colleagues to join the TPCU because it benefits us all to support each other, and the TPCU is the manifestation of that philosophy. I enjoy helping and being involved, and hope you will allow me to continue to do so through the TPCU.

Leslie Baylis

Carol A. Carpenter Expand/Collapse

Carol Carpenter has had a lifelong fascination with numbers, mathematics, and both the spoken and written forms of the English language.  This fascination has served her both personally and professionally: from managing budgets in excess of 25 million dollars, teaching to over a quarter million learners, to developing and writing reports, policy and procedure.  Administration and teaching are Carol’s expertise.  A wife, mother to three and grandmother to five, Carol keeps busy and has learned patience truly is a virtue.

Four decades ago, Carol joined the then Metropolitan Toronto Police Force (MTPF) and quickly thereafter became involved with the then Metro Toronto Police Credit Union (MTPCU) as a liaison officer.  Later, the liaison officer position evolved and Carol continued, in a similar capacity, but as a member of the advisory committee; her hope to become a director on the board post-retirement: Carol retired from the Toronto Police Service (TPS) April 1, 2018.  For Carol, “taking care of our own” means investing her full attention, focus and energy to the members and their families, to the staff, board and executive, and to the mission of The Police Credit Union (TPCU).

Carol has served on dozens of boards with tenacity and a profound work ethic.  Her focus is multifaceted and includes, but is not limited to: fundraising; training and education; knowledge and adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order; reporting; human resources; maintaining financial records; overseeing budgets; chairing; solving challenges; seeking creative and insightful ways to engage herself and others; sub-committee work; writing and revising reports, policy and procedure; all the while keeping a critical eye to ensure internal operations are healthy, productive and positive.

An IT professional, Carol’s experience has included many projects. One such project—working as a representative of The Toronto Police College— was in the making for 10 years: change management and replacing the Toronto Police Service records management system; delivering the product to a learner base in excess of 7000 employees.  The magnitude of this endeavour—IRIS à the Versadex Project—had never been seen before in the history of the Toronto Police Service and Carol was an integral part of the team: chosen to develop, deliver and provide post-implementation maintenance.

Carol has two degrees with distinction: a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education (Brock University) and a BAA in Justice Studies (Guelph University).  Carol is a lifelong learner with extensive training in a multitude of disciplines, subjects and interests; recently earning two certificates: Mental Health and Food Handler.  Carol has over 45 years work experience worthy of complimenting the current TPCU board of directors.  Elected, Carol can and will provide an insider’s perspective with respect to the world of policing, its members and their families.  Carol also has a unique ability to observe and critique with an outsider’s view: out-of-the-box thinking.  With a critical eye, Carol will assess, monitor and report on TPCU operations, policies and financials with great detail and precision.

An IT instructor with the Toronto District School Board, working part time since 1993, Carol continues to research, develop and deliver computer training and computer keyboarding to a variety of adult learners.  Carol also currently works as a volunteer beta-reader for an author: reading raw manuscripts, offering critical insights to spelling, grammar and the chronology and sequencing of data and dates in the detail.

Recently pointed out, by a former senior officer and colleague, Carol is a doer and continues to put her all into all that she does in life: unselfishly serving and helping others.  Carol’s pleasure and honour will be serving you the members, as a director on our board of TPCU!

Stan Colley - Incumbent Expand/Collapse

Hello my fellow Police Credit Union members. Thank you for taking the time to review my candidate profile. I am seeking your support to continue to serve you as a member of your Board of Directors. My name is Stan Colley and I have been a proud and active member of The Police Credit Union for more than thirty years.

I have had the privilege of representing you on the Board of Directors since 2011. During my tenure on the Board I have worked diligently to ensure that your assets are working to create the kind of world that you dream of! Thank you for allowing me to be one of your voices on your Board at your Credit Union.

Since my appointment to the Board I have had the privilege of serving as a member of the Audit and Policy Committees, served as the Vice Chair and until recently, served as your Chair.  I have also enriched my knowledge of the Credit Union system by successfully completing the Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) Program. In addition, I have completed twenty-seven on-line Credit Union courses that have greatly enhanced my understanding of the operations of our Credit Union. Completion of the CUDA Program and Credit Union courses attests to my commitment to your Credit Union, and has provided me with a sound understanding of Board governance.

For those members who may not know me, I was born in Toronto and lived in Etobicoke before relocating to the Town of Newmarket.  I am married to my wonderful wife Donna and we are the proud parents of two sons, both of whom are members of the Police Credit Union.

I retired from policing, at the rank of Superintendent, after 32 years of service with the York Regional Police.  During my policing career I developed excellent leadership, risk management, strategic planning, teambuilding, employee relations, project and financial skills. I have worked with and managed civilians and police officers, and developed a positive, respectful working relationships with my coworkers. These skills have allowed me to be progressive in thought and in actions, yet I remain committed to respecting traditions.

My educational background includes an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto. I furthered my education at the University of Western Ontario, Dalhousie University, Seneca College, Boston College and the Police Executive Centre of the Canadian Police College.

I have served as the Co-chair of the Regional Municipality of York United Way campaign. I continue to support my local food bank and participate in a variety of community charitable events. I believe that my work and educational experiences, volunteerism and community support will serve me well if I am re-elected to your Board of Directors.

Having served as the Chair of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police’s Training Committee, education, learning and training are very important to me. If re-elected to the Board I will continue to focus my energy on these areas. I want our Credit Union staff to continue to provide you with sound fiscal advice, enable you to achieve your personal financial needs, and continue to provide you with the highest level of professional, courteous and knowledgeable customer service that you deserve.

If re-elected I will continue my efforts of recruiting new members to our Credit Union. I believe that we must support our policing communities through the excellent services that are provided by our Credit Union. “Taking Care of Our Own” is what matters the most to me.

I have personally made it a goal of mine to visit recruit classes and to speak to them about the benefits of joining The Police Credit Union. I have been doing this for the past few years and look forward to continuing to encourage police service members to join our Credit Union. Working under the guidance of our various Branch Managers, this endeavor has produced very positive results!

As your Director, I will also continue to encourage our Management Team to enhance our visibility in the Policing Community, by strengthening our relationships and partnerships with all Police Services, Police Associations and current members of our Credit Union. It is important for the Credit Union to support and work with all our partners to ensure that our Credit Union continues to have a solid foundation and bright future.

I also support the need to recognize the service and sacrifice of our fallen officers, at both the Provincial and National Police memorials. It is extremely important for us to continue to take care of our own, not only our Credit Union members, but all civilian and sworn members of all police services. I am proud that I, along with my fellow Board members, gave our full support to the Ontario Police Memorial Foundation through our revenue sharing via the MasterCard Credit Card product.

I am always mindful of how far our Credit Union has come since 1946 when Mr. Harold Anthony formed The Toronto Police Employees Credit Union. I respect our traditions, our long-standing members, welcome our newest members to our family, and will always be mindful of “Taking Care of our Own”.

It would be a privilege to once again represent you on your Board of Directors. I am dedicated and committed to all my duties as your Director, and I will continue to work co-operatively with an exceptional team to guide the Credit Union into the future. As a Director, representing ALL members, I will use my experiences and skills to ensure that your Credit Union continues to meet your financial needs.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to serve as your Director.  I kindly ask you to once again support me for another term.


Please keep safe and healthy.

James D. Harris Expand/Collapse

I joined the Toronto Police Service in April 1971 and became a member of the Toronto Police Credit Union within a couple of months. I retired from Policing in 2001.

I have remained a member of the Police Credit Union, using their services for most of my daily banking.

I have watched the Credit Union evolve from being a small organization serving only Toronto Police officers, to a much larger organization serving several police organizations and the officer’s families. It is an honourable, trusted financial institution that has been part of most of my life.

When I was young, the officers of the Credit Union provided me with advice that kept me from making naïve mistakes. That advice has served me well through the years.

The Police Credit Union has evolved over the years; its focus has always been on benefiting the membership. More change is coming. It will come faster as society demands it.

Benefitting the membership has to be the main focus of those changes. The Board of Directors needs to thoroughly understand the need for change, as well as the best ways to implement changes that benefit the members, while retaining integrity and trust.

As a Board Member looking at change I will listen to all perspectives, understand the implications, ask questions and look towards creating a consensus with Board Members to ensure decisions are made that benefit the Police Credit Union and thereby the membership.

Currently I live in a small town (Campbellford) about 150 kilometers east of Toronto. The town has a population of about 1,500. I am personally aware of about 15 retired Toronto Police members that live within the town. There probably are more.

The closest credit union we can use is 33 kilometers away in Frankford, another small town. I believe that many members that retire & move out of the Greater Toronto Area stop doing business with the Credit Union due to lack of convenient access.

I believe that there are options available to enhance access and hopefully keep more of our members. The strength of The Police Credit Union is based on its membership. Expanding the membership strengthens & stabilizes the Credit Union.

Everyone has a different perspective & opinion on matters that may impact their financial stability. The Police Credit Union must always be seen as a trusted & stable financial institution by all members.

Our economy and our society are changing. Our Members are better educated & more aware of options that are available to them financially. I believe that the Police Credit Union needs to look at options that some of our members may find attractive.

I am sure there are many options out there, most of which we would not want to get involved in, but there may be some suggestions, or ideas that would be worth following up on. Caution & prudence are ever important, but I believe that we should always be on the lookout for opportunities for our membership.

Finance is not my specialty; however, I am a quick study blessed with common sense. The opportunity to get involved with Credit Union would be a great joy.

I thank you for considering me to be a Board Member of The Police Credit Union.


James D. Harris

Owen Mashinter Expand/Collapse

I have been a member of the TPCU since joining York Regional Police as a constable in 2004 at the prime age of 38…a late bloomer to the world of policing! I have worked for 13 years, serving as both a front-line constable and as a detective constable.  I currently hold the position of Secretary-Treasurer on the York Regional Police Association as one of the 3 full time elected executive board members.

Since joining the YRPA full time in 2018, I have spearheaded several key strategic business moves which have included the negotiation and sale of realty holdings, the design and build of a new association facility in Aurora which will house the York Branch of the TPCU, and the establishment of the York Police Asset Capital Corporation.  The establishment of YPACC as a for profit corporation that is owned and controlled by the YRPA is truly groundbreaking as this is the first known for profit that has ever been set up and established by a police association in Canada.  My leadership skills combined with my progressive thinking has allowed me to lead the YRPA through these vast changes and challenges in a short period of time.

The TPCU Recruit Loan Program was the unique hook that attracted the change in my banking institutions, a move that I have never regretted.  The OPC Recruit Loan Program is a true testimony of the way that the TPCU truly takes care of their own and it is a fantastic way of exposing all new recruits to what the TPCU is all about and has to offer.

If elected to the board of directors for the TPCU, I will bring my energy and passion for looking after the needs of our members to the forefront in every decision that is made.  I will work tirelessly to promote the TPCU and to grow its business base with all of the police associations through my current network of policing organizations, like the PAO.  By promoting and growing the TPCU, and by staying on the cutting edge with technology and modern banking methods, we can truly make the TPCU even more attractive for our members which will ensure sustainability for years to come.


Owen Mashinter

Elaine Noble Tames Expand/Collapse

My family have been members of The Police Credit Union since the 1960s. We value The Police Credit Union's commitment to providing trusted financial advice and excellent member experience. I am particularly excited to see the new digital platform initiatives.

Since 1994, I have been a lawyer specializing in information technology, cybersecurity and commercial law. Much of my work is in drafting and negotiating legal documents on behalf of buyers and/or sellers of information technology services and products for federally-regulated or provincially-regulated entities (particularly insurance companies) which are modernizing the systems they use and the services they provide to conduct their business more efficiently and effectively for an improved customer experience. Special areas of focus include: (1) advising and counseling about possible risks; (2) outlining options for mitigating risks; and (3) assisting the business to implement the selected option in a manner that enables the business to move forward appropriately while protecting the interests of the business and its customers and/or members.

In order to make informed decisions that are appropriate for The Police Credit Union and its members, Directors need to: (1) be experienced, practical, trustworthy, member-centric and forward-thinking; and (2) have the ability to ask the right questions at the right time. It would be my pleasure and privilege to do this as a Director.


Elaine Noble Tames

George Tucker - Incumbent Expand/Collapse

I have been a member of the Police Credit Union since April 1980 when I moved to Toronto and joined the Toronto Police.

I have served on the Board of Directors of the Police Credit Union since 2000 to assist our members: provide them with trustworthy and ethical oversight of their financial institution and to help maintain the excellent alternative that our Credit Union offers.

The Credit Union was created in the 1950s by Toronto police members to offer the financial assistance that the banks were unwilling to provide. This personifies a key principle of the policing community -- taking care of each other. It is this same principle that has always been one of my fundamental values.

My sense of duty has been the backbone of my professional life. I served our country in the Canadian Armed Forces and then served our community on the Toronto Police. While downtown at 52 Division – Toronto’s largest police division at the time -- I was a steward with the Toronto Police Association (TPA). I then succeeded in representing our members on the TPA’s Board of Directors from 2004 for two terms after which I retired in 2011. I also served on the Board of the Police Association of Ontario, thereby helping to address the needs of our entire police community -- provincially and nationally. With my roots in small town Manitoba, I particularly enjoyed helping and sharing knowledge with our smaller police associations.

During my tenure at the TPA, I was tasked with the OMERS Type 3 Surplus file and was responsible for identifying over 13,000 eligible active and retired members of the Toronto Police Service and disseminating $73 million.

My additional responsibilities included contract negotiations and political lobbying for legislative changes. One of the significant successes was the passage of Bill 206 (The OMERS Act) which totally revamped the structure of the $106 Billion OMERS Pension Fund giving control to the stakeholders (employers and employees) who pay into the fund rather than the province  -- which didn’t pay anything yet controlled the fund.

My lengthy involvement with the Credit Union has only deepened my admiration for this organization. With its ability to offer superior financial services to our members, I have learned how vital our Credit Union employees are in providing the personalized experience and service to our members. Thanks to their professionalism, our members are not numbers but rather individuals who receive the attention they rightly deserve.

We presently find ourselves in extremely challenging and unprecedented times. It is imperative to continue providing the necessary services and assistance our members require while simultaneously meeting the needs and protection of our extraordinary employees.

So, more than ever, it is critical  that we ensure continuity to maintain and improve the offerings this organization provides to our members and therefore I once again hope to be supported in my pursuit of maintaining my position as a Director on the Board of the Police Credit Union.


George Tucker


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