Member Card®

MEMBER CARD® Debit Card with Interac Flash®

All Police Credit Union MEMBER CARD’s® issued have Interac Flash® capabilities.

Interac® Flash is a secure and convenient payment feature that lets you pay for small purchases with your MEMBER CARD® debit card by simply holding your card over the contactless card reader at the cashier. There is no need to insert your card or type your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is also called “tap.” Click here for more information.

Before you can use the Interac Flash on your MEMBER CARD® debit card, you must activate it. Simply insert your card into the terminal and enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)on your first transaction. The contactless feature will be enabled to use for future transactions.

You can use Interac Flash at any terminal that displays the Flash logo. Interac Flash is designed for purchases under $100. Once your cumulative purchases reach $200, you will need to insert your card and enter your PIN to reset your limit. (Note: Some merchants may have their own limits set that differ from these standard limits).

How to use Interac Flash:

Step 1  Look for the 'flash' symbol on your card and the card reader. Not every store accepts Interac Flash at this time.

Step 2  Place your card over the secure, contactless card reader.

Step 3  The card reader will indicate when the transaction has been processed. If you see a “declined” message, insert your card and enter your PIN #.

How secure is my Member Card® debit card with Interac Flash®?

YOU choose your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and, as long as you protect your PIN, your money and information should be protected. The EMV secure chip in your card also brings a new level of security to your card, protecting you from fraud through methods such as skimming and electronic pickpocketing. Daily transaction limits help protect your funds as criminals are aware of which financial institutions have higher limits and they target those cards.

To protect your funds, the current daily limits are:

  • ATM is set to a maximum of $300
  • POS is set to a maximum of $500
  • Interac Flash® is designed for purchases under $100 with a cumulative total of $200.
Total Contactless Spend Limit $200
Default Contactless Limit $100*
Petroleum Contactless Limit $100*
Groceries Contactless Limit $100*
* Some merchants may have set different contactless limits than shown above.

Note: Once the total 'contactless' spend limit is reached, you will be required to enter your PIN# and this limit will reset.

Learn MORE about Interac Flash® security by clicking here.

Where can I use my card?

FLASH MEMBER CARD® debit card gives you convenient access to your account through a world-wide network of ATM’s and retail outlets. Check the back of your Member Card® debit card to see several logos that show which ATM networks will accept your card for transactions.


At ATMs:  As a Police Credit Union member, you can make FREE deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers and balance enquiries at thousands of EXCHANGE® Network ATMs across Canada. (note: only ATMs on the AccuLink® network are surcharge-free).

Finding one is easy! You can:

At Merchant Locations:  The Police Credit Union FLASH MEMBER CARD® also enables you to make point of sales purchases through Interac®Direct Payment from retailers across Canada. 

Remember every purchase transaction is FREE as a REWARDS Member click here for more information.


When traveling in the US, members can make direct debit purchases through the Accel Point of Sale Network providing access to millions of merchant locations.  The MEMBER CARD® also provides for surcharge-free cash withdrawals from over 450,000 US ATM’s displaying the Accel logo (except where prohibited by law).  Your US$ transaction will be converted to Canadian dollars and debited to your Police Credit Union account, reducing the need to carry excess cash. (some fees may apply)

The Police Credit Union FLASH MEMBER CARD® also provides access to your funds through at any CIRRUS Network ATM (surcharge may apply), making this truly an international banking card!

NOTE: As a measure of added protection contact the Credit Union to let us know you will be out of the country, so we can ensure you travel without interruption to your banking services. For a small fee your MEMBER CARD® ATM/Debit Card will be flagged for travel outside of Canada and the U.S. and will remain unblocked for the duration of your trip.

Important:  Did you know that changing your PIN number regularly is the most effective way of protecting yourself from fraud? For more information, take a look at our Protect Your PIN page.

If your FLASH MEMBER CARD® has been lost or stolen please notify The Police Credit Union Call Centre during business hours 1.800.561.2557 (Canada & US) or 1.888.277.1043 for after hours. For international call 1.416.226.3353. Your card will be blocked from any further use.  


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