Lines of Credit

We Specialize in Lines of Credit

If you’re looking for greater flexibility and control, start with a Police Credit Union personal line of credit. It’s the most convenient way of borrowing funds on a continual basis without having to reapply again and again.

With a chequing account and total pay deposit, you’ll automatically get our best possible REWARDS rate and save on interest costs.

You’ll have the freedom to use the funds the way you want, whenever you want, or simply to have cash available in case of emergency. You can use your line of credit to make a big ticket purchase such as a car or RV, pay off high interest debt, renovate your home, or make an investment. The choice is yours!

It’s like a credit card, only better! You could cut your interest charges by more than half!


  • Saves time! Apply only once and borrow the money again and again
  • Greater flexibility! Borrow up to your approved limit anytime and pay interest only on what you borrow
  • It's convenient! Make payments through payroll deposit, automatic transfer, ExpressLine™, On-line Banking, or a Credit Union ATM
  • Easy access! With cheques, ATM, ExpressLine™, On-line Banking or in-branch withdrawal
  • Preferred rates when loan is secured with Credit Union deposits or government bonds
    Repayment is based on the greater of 3% of your outstanding balance or $50 and due on the last day of each month
  • Life and disability can include also critical illness insurance available at excellent rates
  • No fees if not in use

It's Easy To Apply! Talk to your Member Service Officer to get your line of credit up and running or apply online.


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