Total Pay Deposit

Your Money Is There When You Need It

We offer convenient, free electronic deposit of your net pay or pension directly to your account saving you time and give you the confidence to know your funds are there when you need them.  As added REWARDS for total pay deposit into your primary chequing account, you will enjoy many money-saving benefits. Ask your Member Service Officer to sign you up or contact our Call Centre and start saving!

Payroll Deposit is the fastest, safest way to deposit your full or partial pay cheque, pension, annuities, income tax refund, or GST rebate.

With Payroll Deposit, you'll never have to worry about losing a cheque, waiting in line, or not having your funds deposited in your account while you're on vacation or leave. Plus, if you do have an overdraft balance, Payroll Deposit automatically reduces it, saving you money on interest costs.

Put your pay cheque or pension where it matters most. And take full advantage of everything your Credit Union has to offer.


  • Fast and convenient! The best way to deposit regularly received funds (i.e. full or partial pay cheque, pension, annuities, income tax refund, GST rebate, etc.)
  • Deposits are recorded in your account immediately
  • Save money on interest! Automatically reduces any overdraft balance upon deposit saving you dollars in interest costs
  • Safe! No worries about lost or misplaced cheques
  • No charge to transfer funds to other Credit Union accounts
  • Deposits occur whether you're available or not, for example on vacation or leave

With so much to think about, it pays to set up automatic payroll deposits. They are a convenient way to make loan or mortgage payments, registered plan or savings contributions directly from your pay cheque. It's an easy way to save money and meet your obligations.



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