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Welcome to The Police Credit Union

The Police Credit Union is a full service financial institution offering solutions that help our members realize their dreams today and plan for tomorrow.  With competitive rates and our attractive REWARDS program, Police Credit Union members know they are part of a large family. Our staff is always here to help support you through the process whether it’s applying for a loan, finding a savings vehicle, or getting your first mortgage.

The philosophy we held dear during our humble beginnings in 1946 was "not for profit - but for service" and we hold to that commitment today. The mission and co-operative principles that launched the Credit Union are still the backbone of plans and objectives today by … taking care of our own.

Our philosophy since 1946 has been 'not for profit - but for service' and we hold to that commitment today. The mission and co-operative principles remain, today, the backbone of our strategic planning and is reflected in our slogan 'taking care of our own'

Bond of Association

Our bond of association extends to all employees and retirees on pension from police services in the Province of Ontario. Membership is also available to all employees of related police associations and police organizations in the Province of Ontario.

Additionally, membership in the Police Credit Union is open to spouses and dependent children of those listed above, as well as their related persons.

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