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Rewards Program


Our Rewards Program is open to any member and ensures you get the most from your money: 

  • Lowest possible borrowing rates

  • Highest possible savings and investing rates

  • No fees for day-to-day banking


Quick & easy process

No need to wait around. Our straightforward process ensures you get access to the funds you need fast.

Solutions, not selling

Our focus isn’t selling, which is why we’ll give personalized recommendations to ensure you get the best deal.

Proactive guidance

We’ll guide you through the borrowing process, offering insight and advice to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Preferred rates

With TPCU, you’ll benefit from competitive rates that get even better when you join our Rewards Program.


Try our borrowing calculators

Need funds for your next big goal or purchase? See how much you can afford to borrow with our loan and mortgage calculators.

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Pay off debt faster with Collabria Mastercard

0% Balance Transfer Offer

Our Mastercard of the Month

Cash Back Mastercard

​Check in on your financial health

Make sure you’re on track to achieve your goals with a personalized financial check-up from one of our experts.

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