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Civilian Police Services personnel are eligible for all the great membership benefits - and a few added perks!

Line of Credit

Line of Credit

​​Get a $5,000* line of credit at our Rewards rate if you beomce a Rewards Member to help you transition to your new career. 

Collabria Mastercard

Choice of Credit Card

​Choose from our wide variety of Mastercard* to start earning the right rewards for you.   

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

​​Get $1,000* in overdraft protection on your TPCU chequing if you become a Rewards Member.

​*Final approval is based on meeting standard credit approval criteria.

Rewards Program


​Our Rewards Program is open to Civilians as well and ensures you get the most from your money:

  • No fees for day-to-day banking

  • Highest possible savings and investing rates

  • Lowest possible borrowing rates 

Calling all Civilian Personnel With a Special Offer

Double Your Summer Fun

smash your home buying obstacles today with tools provided by TPCU

Break Barriers to Home Ownership


​​Secure your financial future

​Set yourself up for success with help from our expert financial planner. He’ll come to you to discuss your goals and create a clear, personalized plan to achieve them. 

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