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75th Annual General Meeting Results and Highlights

Held on Monday April 26th, 2021

Summary of the 75th Annual General Meeting

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Considering public health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on large gatherings, The Police Credit Union’s 75th Annual General Meeting took place on April 26, 2021, by Zoom webcast at 4pm.

The Police Credit Union’s Board of Directors and Management sincerely thank all our Members who attended and participated in moving and carrying the motions. They would also like to thank each of the candidates who stood for election this year.

What Happened At the Annual General Meeting

  • Reports were presented from Management, the Board, the Audit Committee, and the Independent Auditor highlighting the Credit Union’s accomplishments for 2020.
  • Approval of the Appointment of the External Auditors for 2021 and the June 22, 2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes were carried.
  • The acclamation of the Directors’ Election was announced.

In the matter of the acclamation of Directors, there were three (3) vacancies to be filled and each were for a three (3) year term. The Nominating Committee received three (3) applications, 90 days prior to the AGM in accordance with the Act and the Credit Union’s by-laws.  The individuals who submitted applications were:

Gary Leitch- incumbent 

Mike Sharp- incumbent 

Robert Todd 

The applications were reviewed by the Nominating Committee, found to be in good order and all received a recommendation to stand for Election.  All three (3) candidates were declared Director, each for the three (3) year term.

Acclamation of Directors

Retiring Director- Bob Spafford

Bob Spafford spent over 32 years as a civilian employee of The Toronto Police Service, working in the Records Bureau and Data Processing Unit.  He has been a Credit Union member for over 40 years and was first elected to the Board of Director’s in 2003.  

As an active member on the Board, Bob has served on the Audit, Policy and Social Committees, as well as being Vice Chair of the Board and most recently acted as the Board Secretary, maintaining Board files and reports.

The Police Credit Union would like to thank Bob for his hard work, wealth of knowledge and commitment to the Board of Directors over the past 18 years. We wish you and your wife Mary, health and happiness in the years ahead.


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