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    Annual General Meeting

    76th Annual General Meeting Results and Highlights

    Held on Monday April 25th, 2022


    Summary of the 76th Annual General Meeting

    Considering public health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic and large gatherings, The Police Credit Union's 76th Annual General Meeting once again took place on April 25th, 2022, by Zoom webcast at 4pm.

    The Police Credit Union's Board of Directors and Management sincerely thank all our Members who attended and participated in moving and carrying motions and voting for the Board. They would also like to thank each of the candidates who stood for election this year. 
    Annual General Meeting

    What Happened At the Annual General Meeting


    1. Reports were presented from Management, the Board, the Audit Committee, and the Independent Auditor highlighting the Credit Union's accomplishments for 2021.

    2. Approval of the Appointment of the External Auditors for 2022 and the April 26, 2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes were carried.

    3. The results of the Election for vacant positions on the Board of Directors were announced.

    Election Results

    In the matter of this years election for the Board of Directors, two (2) positions were vacant. The Nominating Committee received three (3) applications, 90 days prior to the AGM in accordance with the Act and the Credit Union's by-laws. The applications were reviewed by the Nominating Committee, found to be in good standing and all received a recommendation to stand for election. The results of the election were:

    Rodney Fraser - 363 votes

    Geraldine James - 417 votes

    Owen Mashinter - 192 votes

    Geraldine James was declared the Chair and Rodney Fraser was declared as a Director. Both will serve on the Board for a three (3) year term.
    AGM Election Results

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    Previous Minutes

    Previous Minutes

    Audited Financials


    Annual Report



    Questions Asked at the 76th Annual General Meeting

    Q: From the previous minutes, dated April 26, 2021, I see there was an election for the Board of Directors for a 3-year term. We have been requested, for the April 25, 2022 AGM, to cast ballots for the Board of Directors 3-year term positions. Please advise why there is voting occurring again for 3-year term positions, under a 3 year time span?  How many members sit on the Board of Directors?

    A: From The Police Credit Union By Laws;

    Terms of office
    Section 4.04 (a) Except where an election is held to fill the unexpired portion of a director's term or as otherwise specifically provided in this section, directors shall be elected or acclaimed for terms of three (3) years or until their successors in office are elected or appointed.

    There are 7 Directors that sit on the Credit Union’s Board, all terms are for 3 years, a director may not serve more than five (5) consecutive terms or fifteen (15) consecutive years, whichever is greater;