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    The Police Credit Union aspires to make fair treatment a core principle of all our business practices. It is a hallmark of our corporate culture and demonstrated in the dedication of our leadership, governance, and employees.

    Our culture is based on making strategic decisions in the best interests of our members. All our employees are expected to support this culture by treating everyone who comes into our Credit Union — and one another — fairly and with respect. Fairness is a fundamental right of every individual we serve.

    Ensuring this culture is implemented and maintained is the responsibility of our Board of Directors, which is elected by our membership. The Credit Union sets fair treatment policies and procedures, and it is the responsibility of Senior Management to report to the Board on matters of adherence to the principles with the Code.

    Fair treatment also applies to how we manage personal information. Everyone has a right to expect their financial affairs will be handled with discretion. We collect, use, and disclose all personal information strictly in accordance with provincial and federal legislation. Our commitment to the fair treatment of all individuals is a key responsibility.
    Financial well-being and literacy

    We put a premium on every individual’s financial well-being and financial literacy. We are committed to developing and implementing policies and procedures that offer awareness and education on how to improve one’s financial well-being through appropriate financial planning.


    An opportunity to anonymously report suspected unethical conduct is a critical tool for any responsible business. Our whistleblowing procedures allow employees to report incidents of actual or potentially improper or unethical conduct without fear of reprisal or unwarranted negative consequences.

    These procedures also respect the rights of those about whom concerns are raised.

    Our Board periodically reviews, approves, and maintains whistleblowing policies.  Our Managers are responsible for monitoring and controlling operations in accordance with the whistleblowing policy.


    Like any other business or association, we enjoy the freedom — and the responsibility — to interact with governments and comment on policy, legislation, or regulations. We do not employ lobbyists, instead we will support the lobbying efforts of the Canadian Credit Union Association.