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    The Police Credit Union treats all individuals who use our services fairly, and we demonstrate fair sales practices in all our business relationships. We will not discriminate against any of our members, or anyone considering using our services. We abide diligently by provincial human rights codes. We make exceptionsonly when justified by law, or if a special product or service is designed to serve a particular group.
    We never take advantage of anyone by misrepresenting facts, concealing information, or engaging in manipulation, unfair dealings or unethical activities. We do not take advantage of people, and we take extra care to be clear and comprehensive with those who are unable to protect their own interests or who are only just familiarizing themselves with how we operate.

    Nor do we use misleading, threatening, intimidating, or abusive language, or apply excessive or unreasonable pressure to repay, against any borrower. We take all reasonable steps to identify, avoid, or manage conflicts of interest.


    Everyone who uses The Police Credit Union has access to accurate information to help them choose the most affordable and appropriate product or service. Our advertising, marketing materials, and communications are straightforward, accurate, and easy to understand. We provide information that helps ensure that individuals considering our products and services can make informed and suitable choices. We exercise reasonable and prudent judgment in all our business dealings.

    We are committed to the professional development of our employees, who are trained to provide financial information that individuals can trust. Their knowledge is gained, and improved upon, by appropriate training programs or work experience. Employees will keep abreast of changes in products and services, industry standards and regulations relevant to their role.
    Tied selling and undue pressure

    The Police Credit Union does not engage in undue pressure or coercion to convince people to select any particular product or service. We do not impose any form of pressure to induce someone to buy a particular product or service they do not want as a condition of obtaining those they do want.

    Negative-option billing and consent

    The Credit Union does not practice negative-option billing, which means automatically billing people for a product or service they have not asked to purchase. We will always obtain people’s consent for new and optional products and services and will seek out their consent for changes made to agreements that affect their rights and obligations.

    Preferential pricing

    In certain instances, we will offer a better price or rate on all or part of a product or service. This practice is permissible. For example, we may offer a preferential price if a member, account holder, or consumer has or is considering buying several other Credit Union products or services. We are completely transparent about these opportunities.

    Risk management

    To manage risk or costs, or to comply with any laws that apply to our operations, we may make reasonable requests of our members, account holders, or consumers as a condition of acquiring a product or service.

    Digital products and services

    Many legislative and regulatory requirements apply to digital financial products and services. The Police Credit Union regularly seeks regulatory guidance and follows best practices when providing Internet-based products and services in a digital environment.