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    Refusing or Withdrawing Consent

    Subject to legal, regulatory and contractual requirements, you can refuse to consent to our collection, use of disclosure of information about you, or you may withdraw your consent to our further collection, use or disclosure of your information at any time in the future by giving us reasonable notice.  However, depending on the circumstances, withdrawal of your consent may prevent us from providing you, or continuing to provide you, with some services, means of access to services, or information that may be of value to you.

    We will act on your instructions as quickly as possible but no later than 10 days from your original request. There may be certain uses of your information that we may not be able to stop immediately.

    You cannot refuse our collection, use and disclosure of information required by third party service providers essential for the provision of Services or required by our regulators, including self-regulatory organizations.  Some of our service providers are located outside Canada.  As a result, your personal information may be accessible to regulatory authorities in accordance with the law of these jurisdictions.

    You can tell us at any time to stop using your information about you to promote our Services or the products and services of third parties we select. If you wish to refuse consent or to withdraw consent, you may do so at any time by contacting the branch or office with which you are dealing with or by calling us toll-free or e-mailing us.

    The Police Credit Union Toll Free # 1-800-561-2557