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    All-Purpose Realty Cash Rewards Offer

    Find your Dream Home with CASH REWARDS!


    We're Giving You Cash Rewards on Your Next Home Sale or Purchase


    The Police Credit Union has partnered up with realtor All-Purpose Realty to give you cash back whenever you buy or sell a home.  

    List your home or make a purchase through All-Purpose Realty’s website and you will get guaranteed cash back!


    Earn $25 for every $10,000!

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    As members using the All-Purpose Realty website referral service you will receive cash rewards based on the transaction value.  The reward is $25 for each $10,000 increment of completed real estate transactions.

    For example, sell your home for $900,000 and receive $2,250.  Purchase a home for $1,500,000 and receive $3,750. All-Purpose realty will send you your cash reward to TPCU between 30-45 days of the possession date of the subject property on your sale and/or purchase.

    These cash Rewards are provided in all provinces in Canada and is also available in the USA, where state laws permit.

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