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    Mortgage Campaign

    We make home ownership a welcoming experience

    Great rates, quick approvals, and flexible payment options.

    Let us help you get into your dream home with these great rates...




    Prime - .70%

    5-Year Fixed High Ratio5-Year Fixed Conventional5-Year Variable
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    It's a hot market and we've got your back.

    We've got some of the lowest mortgage rates out there which get even better when you join our REWARDS Program.

    Faster Mortgage Approvals - We won't keep you waiting for your mortgage approval. Our quick and easy process ensures you hear back fast.

    Solutions Focused - Our aim isn't to sell, it's to find you the right mortgage. That's why we offer tailored recommendations to get you the best deal.

    Step By Step Guidance - The mortgage process can be confusing. We'll provide proactive advice to guide you through every step with ease.

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    Special Offer from April 1st to August 31st 2023

    Free Air Fryers For New Home Buyers!

    Free Insignia Air Fryer while supplies last to members who secure a mortgage with us to purchase their first home.
    The Police Credit Union has partnered with All-Purpose Realty offering our members an amazing offer!

    Just use the APR listing website, from their established network of brand name real estate companies and you will receive a cashback reward based on the transaction vlaue of the home sale or purchase.

    The cash incentive is $25 for each $10,000 increment of completed transation value of the sale or purchase price.

    Find your new home and receive Cash Rewards!

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    ...and take a look at these exciting offers!

    Receive 3.9% on all balance transfers

    Balance Transfer For All

    Get Cash rewards When You Buy Or Sell A Home!

    All-Purpose Realty Cash Back Offer

    Our Mastercard of the Month

    Cash Back World Elite